I am fortunate to consult for leading North American brands on everything from organisational fitness and strategy to more applied questions of marketing — two extremes or “poles” that I codified into dedicated practices.

The first pole, Angle of Vision, is a strategy firm that helps organisations cultivate overarching fitness (in advance of isolated strategies), while the second pole, Team B, is a Swiss-army-knife design and marketing firm that helps companies execute complex, urgent, and multi-pronged marketing initiatives.

I also lead The Alpine Review, the award-winning print publication I founded in 2012 which is now archived online and has morphed into a broader research organisation focused on sensemaking.

When not busy with client work, I explore other opportunities under DMI, a family office and venture studio, which serves as the global home for my creative, commercial, and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Key skills I bring to client engagements include:

Clear strategic vision then working collaboratively with others to translate ideas into practical actions for greatest impact.

Encouraging and enabling people and systems to find their strengths and resources: growing capacity for creativity, possibility and change and more productive relationships.

Ability to connect people and ideas. Influencing skills that bring together people and organisations to achieve common aims around complex problems in changing environments.

Perseverance. Solving problems through research, prototyping, testing, rebuilding, learning through failing, and contributing to real solutions.

High levels of optimism, positivity and creativity. Generosity with time and energy.

Ability to operate under ambiguity.

Other ways
you can engage
with me

If you have a question or a challenge and you aren’t finding the answer in the usual LinkedIn “thinkpiece,” I’d be happy to help. Here is a list of ways I think I can be of service, so if you see something here that may be useful to you, don’t hesitate to email me.

Thanks to Will Larson and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, whose “ways I’m available help” pages inspired me to write this.

  • Be a strategic sparring partner. Got a complex strategy question? Need a framework or a new lens? I can probably help you think through it. I love a complex question.
  • Anything in the vicinity of magazine publishing. I started my own magazine so I know a few things here! I can help someone who wants to venture into indie publishing.
  • Professional support. I can help smart, aspiring, and ambitious professionals who want to know how to position themselves in business. What kind of role, how to get more money, how to structure their career, etc. I’m not a business coach, but I’ve recruited a lot of smart rebels.
  • Personal change. I’ve been a lawyer, marketer, executive, and magazine publisher. In short, I’ve reinvented myself every 5 years for a quarter of a century, so I know something about perpetual movement. If you are looking to pivot in your career or make an important change of direction, I’d be happy to help you think through it.
  • Compensation check. Similar to “professional support” above, I can give you a quick gut-check on your compensation. 
  • Editorial opinion. I can give you feedback on that nice thing you are writing. I’ve published (and printed) more than 400 pieces of content so I have an opinion on what a convincing argument looks like. 
  • Join your advisory board. I can help companies who need to reshape their business model, brand, and/or operations to fit the modern, digital world. If that’s your company, and you think I’d have something positive to contribute as an advisor or board member, I’m interested.

Thanks to Will Larson and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, whose “ways I’m available help” pages inspired me to write this.