You won’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you stand. We provide leaders with insight into their current business landscape, combining journalism-grade research and expert business reporting to help drive your business forward.


Leaders need clarity into the fundamentals of their business. From defining brand perception to unearthing market opportunity, we partner with decision-makers to chart the true lay of the land—and the best path forward.
The Situational Assessment
A tailored report laying out the external forces shaping your business—and how to navigate them.
The Thesis
Clarifying and mapping the core reasons why your organization exists.
The Perception Report
Unvarnished truth from the outside: a candid report on how you’re actually perceived.
The S1
A rigorous report detailing organizational strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement.
The Customer Book
Your customer as they actually live, presented through deep and careful study.
The Company Book
Your company's missing bible. A living document for stakeholders on who you are and where you’re going.

With these core elements in place, leaders can form a crystal clear picture of their business, unlocking better strategic planning and raising the calibre of their decision-making across the board.


Leaders make important decisions. Not just in strategy meetings. Not just at offsites. But throughout the day, every day.

That’s why our focus isn’t on developing isolated strategies but on what we call decision intelligence: raising the calibre of your everyday decision-making—from marketing to operations to long-term planning—by providing you with a crystal clear picture of your business.

Balanced. Concise. And head to toe.

With comprehensive insight into your organization, you can clear away the speculative fog and proceed on the basis of reliable information: evidence-based, fact-checked, and objective through and through.

Let us help you lay the groundwork for informed thinking and strategic action. Let us help you lead with vision.

Strategy is meaningless if it’s based on unvalidated assumptions or personal bias.
A reality-based approach always wins.
Every plan has a limited shelf life, but cultivating underlying organizational fitness unlocks better ideas and action overall.
You don’t need an exotic strategy from the most expensive firm in town. You need comprehensive basics that set you up for success.

What are you?

Strategy firm, innovation consultancy, design thinking studio—call us what you like. We combine journalism-grade research and over 25 years of business expertise to help leaders form a clear picture of their business and set them up for success.

What is “decision intelligence”?

It sounds fancy, but it’s not. Decision intelligence gets to the heart of strategy by informing the decisions you make (and the ideas you generate) in advance. In short: with more solid insight into your business, you think and act more wisely. We also like to use the concept of 'fitness' to describe our approach.

Do I need to do all six solutions? Is it all or nothing?

No. While we believe that every business should cover its basics, we also know that each will have its own pressing concerns. Through early discussions, we can identify which solutions may be right for you.

Are your solutions set in stone?

No. Every business is different, and through initial conversations we may be able to craft new offerings according to our skillset and your needs. Even within our six-part framework, our deliverables are completely bespoke for each client, created from scratch, and able to go as deep, or as lean, as required. 

Who is this for?

Our work isn’t just for people who have the word strategy or innovation in their title. It’s for executives of every level, across every department, at businesses of every size. Whether you’re a CHRO who wants to enshrine your culture in a Company Book, a CEO looking for a Situational Assessment to inform their strategic roadmap, or a CMO looking to deepen customer understanding company-wide, our deliverables are designed to improve systems, behaviours, and decisions across the board.